Warehouse & DC Lighting Upgrade

Green Connection Group Mirvac Warehouse Case Study
Green Connection Group Mirvac Warehouse Case Study


Energy saving


Government initiative upfront discount

6 month

Return on investment

LED highbay lighting upgrade with daylight harvesting controls

The Challenge

The warehouse and distribution centre covering 12,300m2 had experienced significant increases in operating costs which were directly related to increases in the electricity tariff and ongoing maintenance costs. Poor lighting was also becoming an issue with the regular failing of existing metal halide highbay units. Mirvac approached Green Connection Group to provide a solution that needed to both reduce operating costs associated with lighting and improve lighting levels across the site.

The Solution

Mirvac appointed Green Connection Group,
not only for their experience, but for their ability to effectively communicate with a wide range of stakeholders to ensure any disruption to business operations would be minimised.

A detailed site audit was completed to better understand the existing infrastructure. This allowed Green Connection Group to generate a lighting design that would meet the client’s lighting requirements. The outcome of the design was that by removing, relocating and using high quality products the project would reduce the number of lighting units from 465 Metal Halide 400W Units down to 245 LED 150W Units. Green Connection Group’s review of the site also identified that there was access to natural lighting through the warehouse ceiling allowing for the use of daylight harvesting sensors, further reducing power consumption. The overall reduction in power was 83%.

Through Green Connection Group’s accreditation under the NSW Energy Savings Scheme the client reduced their upfront capital cost by 74%, helping to achieve a return on investment of only six months.

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