Westpac Place LED Lighting Upgrade

Green Connection Group Mirvac Westpac Place Case Study
Green Connection Group Mirvac Westpac Place Case Study


Energy saving


Government initiative upfront discount


Custom lighting solution

A customised LED lighting solution developed specifically to improve efficiency & save money

The Challenge

As part of an asset refresh program for Westpac Place, which is home to the head office of Westpac Banking Corporation, the facilities manger, Mirvac, set out to upgrade the common area lighting across all 32 levels. The aim was to provide better lighting while reducing operating costs relating to energy and maintenance.

The Solution

With proven experience in delivering high quality innovative projects, Green Connection Group was selected to design and implement a solution.

The client understood that by appointing a team that effectively communicates with a wide range of stakeholders any disruption to hospital operations would be minimised.

Green Connection Group worked closely with the client to develop a solution that would meet the required Australian Standards, integrate into the existing building management system and complement the aesthetics of the building. A customised LED lighting solution was developed specifically to meet the requirement of the project. The outcome was that over the 32 floors, Green Connection Group reduced the number of inefficient halogen lights from 1519 down to 1165 LED Lights, resulting in a 60% energy saving.

Through Green Connection Group’s accreditation under the NSW Energy Savings Scheme the client reduced their upfront capital cost by 40%.

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