With increasing electricity prices putting enormous pressure on businesses it is essential that companies recognise how best to combat this significant operating cost and reduce their energy consumption.

Located in Sydney, Green Connection Group provides complete end to end service for the delivery of your energy efficiency projects from site evaluation, installation of sustainable solutions and environmental sustainability advice right through to ongoing maintenance support. Green Connection Group can also provide your business with a tailored solution if you require specific services such as proposal development and evaluation or implementation. As an Accredited Certificate Provider under the NSW Energy Savings Scheme, Green Connection Group can also provide an upfront financial incentive to help fund the project and reduce return on investment periods.

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Commercial Office Building • Retail • Undercover & Outdoor Carparking • Hospitality & Leisure • Fire Stairs & Emergency Exits • Healthcare • Aged Care • Industrial & Warehousing • Schools & Tertiary Education • Residential Strata • Street, Pedestrian & Parks


Site Evaluation

Whether you’re in Sydney or regional NSW, We will coordinate a convenient time to meet with you or your team onsite to review your operational environment and identify energy saving opportunities.

  • We will discuss in detail your aims and what you want to achieve so our team can better understand the priorities for any energy efficiency opportunities identified.
  • We will conduct a thorough site inspection to ito identify potential opportunities where energy and money can be saved. Where required we may engage expert partners to further examine identified opportunities and consult on potential solutions.
  • Once we have identified your energy saving opportunities we will discuss with you which of these opportunities you consider the most financially viable to meet your needs.
  • Where further investigation is required we can return to site to ensure all aspects of the opportunity are considered and most viable solution found.


We will help you navigate the process of developing and evaluating a proposal to help you select the best sustainable solutions for your business.

  • We will conduct a detailed review of all the information gathered during the site inspection to develop a draft proposal based on the identified opportunities and energy saving solutions through the use of sustainable lighting and other sustainable ideas.
  • Through ongoing engagement and communication we will help finalise your proposal ready for distribution to all stakeholders.
  • Where required we can provide support to develop a tender document.
  • We can present the proposal to all the various stakeholders supporting an engagement process and ensuring all stakeholders’ needs are considered and the best possible opportunity for project acceptance and success is achieved.
  • To ensure the potential solution meets your expectations we will install sample products and technologies where required.
  • Once a solution is selected we will work closely with your team to develop a program of works to cause the least disruption to your operations while delivering the project in a minimal timeframe.


Our highly skilled team can deliver all aspects of project implementation from managing the supply chain through to final commissioning of the installation.

  • We will engage with all project stakeholders to ensure the most suitable work schedule is achieved providing the least disruption to your team and your customers.
  • We will purchase, deliver and install all new lighting and other equipment, and ensure all products work to specifications.
  • All members of our team are fully trained and licensed in their field of expertise.
  • Green Connection Group carries Workers Compensation Insurance and Public Liability Cover of $20,000,000.
  • We will manage the entire supply chain and ensure all products and materials are safely delivered to your site.
  • We will ensure both the Green Connection Group’s and any internal induction process you require is completed by the project delivery team and up to date records are maintained.
  • We will assign a project manager to oversee all works and ensure only the highest quality workmanship is provided. If any unforseen issues occur, our project manager will resolve them quickly and effectively.
  • We will ensure the safe removal of all waste from site for recycling by an accredited recycling facility. Your site will be left clean and tidy ready for your staff and customers to use the work area immediately upon completion.


Green Connection Group can provide ongoing support, maintain your technologies and products, and continue to offer advice on sustainability, ensuring you continue to save money and power and that warranty issues are dealt with promptly. With so many offerings in the market, it can be hard to know what will last and what will fail prematurely. Green Connection Group can take away any risk and help ensure your solution continues to save into the future.

NSW Energy Savings Scheme

As an Accredited Certificate Provider under the NSW Energy Savings Scheme, Green Connection Group can provide an upfront financial incentive to help fund projects, which reduces upfront capital expenditure requirements and reduces return on investment periods.